109m-Self propelled deck barge was successfully delivered

2020-06-19 746


             109m Car Carrier was successfully delivered by Desail on 27th, May, 2020. This ship is a low-power-consumption, high character-cost ratio product developed dedicated for South-East Asia market, she could carry various ro-ro cargo including heavy MAFI cargo, engineering equipment, high trucks, light trucks, cars and so on. Six (6) sister ships have been delivered, which are namely 88m, 99m, 109m and 119m serial. As an advanced ship type, ro-ro ship from Desail is having better and better lines and performance, this new delivered ship could save by 20% oil consumption compared to the last delivered one, Desail makes it possible that every inch of available space could be made use of, all the details get to the best point and makes every cent of the clients’ money working for most profit

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